Friday, June 24, 2005


if i cry
would you wipe my tear?

if i die
would you shed a tear?

if i wander
would you show me the path?

if i talk
would you listen?

if i sing
would you see the melodies in them?

if i fail
would you show me the hidden succes?

if i am an embarrassment
would you still take pride in me?

if world shuns me
would you still hold my hand?

its okay even if you dont
i would love you anyway!!


Kaps said...

I tried something like what u hv resulted in this

If I blog
Would you post a comment?

ioiio said...

If I say "Tata"
Wud u show "Bata"

Kaps said...

If we build more on this we can come up with a song which is similar to that of Suppose in Sukran

monu said...

even if u dont post i will comment
paattu idea soopar!!!

i go to khadims.
so thats what u will see

virumandi said...

simply one of the best!!!!

monu said...


thanks a lot for your encouragement!