Friday, June 24, 2005


it is a haze
life i mean
we can never clearly see
yet, it seems
we want to clearly see

it is a mirror
life i mean
we can get only reflections
yet,it seems
we want to disown any reactions

it is water
life, i mean
it just flows and flows, forward
yet, it seems
we want to stop and go backward

it is a gift
life, i mean
it is given to us..
let us just live
and not question it too much



Kaps said...

Your posts are more frequent than some of the popular news sites. How do u manage?

ioiio said...

Exactly.. Enakkum konjam kathu thaayen plz!!!

jac said...

That was very cute thoughts, congrats. I should be here more often, well this was my first.

monu said...

@kaps and ioiio

indirectaa , eppady ippady vettiyyaa irukennu kekkareengalaa...?
enna pannarathu...
was free today!

welcome to my blog and keep visiting!

virumandi said...

it was kind of questioning myself!!! u said..i dont want to see the mirror!!!

monu said...


i guess none of us want to