Friday, June 24, 2005

Who says Rs. 10 is less??

In good old college days, when money ( read as pocket money ) was rare to come by... i made one of the greatest discoveries of life.... before i reveal the secrets of my discovery to you, please ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you carry only the exact amount required and never have extra reserves of cash?
  • Do you forget to take your debit card or credit card with you?
  • Do you hesitate to go out on month-ends due to paucity of funds?
  • Do you look at the menu-card at restaurants and do a mental calculation relating the price for the cheapest food-item available to the money you have right now?
  • Do you spend all the money you had on shopping and then you are exhausted and hungry and are left with little money for food?
  • Are you a hard-core foodie wanting the most value for your moolah?
  • and the most important, due you plan to visit madras in the recent future or do you like to know about spending in madras?
If your answer to most of the questions is "yes" are ready to be enlightened!!

I discovered the power of Rs.10...And for the benefit of the entire mankind, i hereby share my knowledge with you....

Thnigs you can buy with Rs.10 when you are hungry and in madras

  • you can buy Lime mint cooler at Fruit Shop on Greams Road, or any other fresh fruit shop
  • even expensive restaurants come in this list..i once went to an expensive restaurant and noted the folowing items were charged less that Rs.10

Rasagulla (Rs.6....too can eat only one....but on the brighter side you get to keep the Rs.4 for you bus ticket!!!...)

Gulab jamun(Rs.5...double can eat two and walk home.......)

Roasted paapad(Rs. 5.....hmm......not exactly my suggestion......)

  • you can drown cool watermelon juice, idly,coffee,tea (each only...only a fool will sell all of that for RS.10)in the slightly less posh New Neela Bhavan,again on greams road, they give you free water too.......
  • You can take in natural goodness with the tender coconut ..whats more you can quench your thirst and eat the tender insides of the cocunut!!
  • Or during water-melon season , you can buy huge peices of watermelon from the road-side watermelon vendor, for , guess how much?....All that natural goodness..all water and less calories...for...Rs.2..which means that with Rs.10, you can get 5 you can even give an economical and healthy treat..hehe.....
  • If you are travelling by train , then you can visit the VLR(Vegetarian Light Refreshment) Stall that you can find in every staion from fort to tambaram..... and my oh my, the choices you have....

-bondas (the softest that i have ever tasted....and sambhar and chutney come free)

-parotta(hmmmm...delicious.....with packing for all the food items)

-saadha dosai (really delicious with that great aroma.....and always sambhar!!!!!)

i cant comment ont the hygiene ..but i can vouch for its taste..and am alive to vouch for it

  • the other options in railway sations is the ever reliable and summer-friendly can eat it just like that ..or add some chilly powder in the center (the seller would make a cut right through the center and put in the chilly powder+salt per customer's wish...)customisation for you......all for Rs.1 per cucumber.......
  • Ahh!!! sun is roasting you and you are in railway station........and miserably thirsty?? just rush to the nearest fresh fruit juice stall and choose from a variety of juices, the costliest being Rs.6 per glass....
  • Softie Ice-creams!!!! If you havent tasted sofite ice-creams....then you havent really the enjoyed all the pleasures to the taste buds that madras can is a can choose from the saravana scoopie or the MTR softie..both of which are equally soft......and in pondy-bazaar , you can eat what the seller proclaims is Kwality Walls Ice-cream for Rs.10

Well...wasnt that informative...... i beleive that these are some of life's little pleasures............not just going to all those expensive is fun to discover a city with Rs.10 in your opens up a world of possibilities for you.....try it!!!


jac said...

That was really nice, I hope to come back again.
Yeah, I plan to visit Chennai soon.

Kaps said...

Panju mittai, pop corn, kadalai mittai ellam vittuteengalae. BTW very nice list. I think some budget airline is also offering air tickets less than Rs. 10

monu said...

welcome back to chennai!

entha airline nu sollunga..naanum athula yeri singapore vanthudarean...
ungalukkaaga panju mittaai,popcorn, kadalai mittaai elaam vaangindu varean!

divyasurendiran said...

Hey, well written post monu:)
Interesting to read.

I would like to add "aachi moru" which we used to get for 2 rupees in the railway station to that list.

monu said...


yes...i missed it..aachi moru..with the right quantity of salt in it..and that great taste!

ammani said...

Great post. Glad to see you haven't included Saravana Bhavan. For 10 bucks anga thanni kooda kedaikkadu! :)

monu said...


i feel honoured that you visited my blog...i read your blog every day and really admire your writing!!
you have shown that the best way to communicate an idea is using the least number of words!

Anjali said...

useful info.

ioiio said...

onnu theriyudhu..

Pathu roobaikku mela selavunnaa onnu appan thalaila molagaa araikkanum illa aambadaiyaan thalaila molagaa araikkanum

Kay said...

Oi Monu ithu unaku overa theriyala
Bonda, samabhar vada, idli, porotta nu solli verupu ethuriye...
10 rs enna even if i wish to spend 10000 rs i will not get it here..anyways njoy grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

monu said...

always happy to be of help

nalla ulagatha purinju vachurikka!

samaikka kathukko!!!appram ellaam saapidalaam!

virumandi said...

ummm..oru kalathulla..naan collegue padikkum podhu..Rs 5 was fine!!! but Rs 10 is not that high to have!!! for me and my friend..itz parrys corner 'nandhinee' sweets..engaludaiya aabathpandaval!!!

monu said...

me too sweet priyai!

Anonymous said...

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