Friday, June 24, 2005

Notebook Scribblings Part X

To my friends S and U, who once jokingly asked me to write something
on them..i scribbled this one:

My Friend!

Its unimaginable unimaginable
that i should pen something on you

that friendship just blooms
like every other flower...without any reason

I could praise you and lie
but thats not where friendship lies

I have accepted you as you are
Dear Friend, I know not to describe you

But in all its spontaneity
lies friendship's beauty!


Kaps said...

Looks like you are the undisputed Little Superstar of the Blogosphere....your posts rock!

ioiio said...

Shalini and Usha'nu solli irukkalaamey

monu said...

thanks..neenga simbu fan aa?

nee solluva nu thaan..just kidding...

Kaps said...

I'm allergic to Simbu and his posters

monu said...

@kaps too
that was just for the little super star thing...simbu calls himself that!

virumandi said...

yeah..friendship and love should come and take people as they are..and for all other relatioships there is another word..'compromise'

monu said...

you are so right
and take people as they are..not as what we want them to be

Anonymous said...

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