Thursday, June 23, 2005

One Word

what I once so playfully said
got into your mind planted

that even some years later
you recall it with elan

you glorify me in your mind
and make me blush within

i want to tell you, i am not that great
but i keep quiet, lest i destroy your joy

and the i realise..what magic
even an escapist word of care can do!!


thennavan said...

One Word:



IBH said...

wow! monu came via ullu's blog ;) neenga thane andha bathroom pervazhi?

ellorum bathroom le paduvango neenga super a ezhudurengo :)

monu said...



welcome to my blog....
aamaam, naane thaan antha bathroom pervazhi...
keep visiting!

ioiio said...

ennadhu ulluvaaa.. yekkov idhu over..

adhu dhaan azhagaa ioiio'nu peru vechirukken illa..

ioiio said...

Namma makkal Vaazhga..

Oru vaarthaikku ivlo velakkamaaa

monu said...


ullu atha vida azhagaana per ..athunaala thaan!

virumandi said...

small words make great impression!!!!

good one!!! monu!!

monu said...

thank u!
have realised that often in life!

Anonymous said...

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