Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Notebook Scribblings Part XII

Warning: This may be on the same lines as "you can" but this is just a manifestation of my faith that God made us all equal ... and that we are never denied anything..even a denial is a different wrapping of a gift!

From your Creator

Why do you cry , my child?
when i gave you your whole life to laugh

why do you let this sadness affect you?
when you know i gave protective hearts around you

why do you lose this moment of happiness?
when you know that your tear hurts me?

Do you know , My dear child
when i made you......

I knew i had in my hand
perfection never before achieved

why then do you let small things
get in your way?

you don't know probably...
you are my craft, made with care

you are one of my
recent gifts to mankind...

That I have given you beauty-
both within and in the eye of the beholder

That i have given you a mind
so i can get in and speak with you

and so you would think and discern
and guide others too

so never cry my child
it hurts your maker..insults your maker

you may spend your whole life
not knowing your worth

So listen to me...
the most beautiful pearl made by me

cry to me..and ask me more
but please do know..i gave you all i had

you are a life..a beauty spirit
there are those who love you..including me

there are will cry
but dear is not this moment

so smile at marvelous creation
and when you do have to cry..i will be there again


PS: I have just made a policy decision to post more quality stuff rather than continue to dish out senseless stuff....quality and not quantity...and ofcourse more concentration to work.....


sathyus said...

yay! first one to comment..happada! feels like the nobel price indeed!
nice poem..aana the philosophies are very difficult to folloW!

thennavan said...

Monu, thanks for the comment over at mine :-)

Sriram said...

Hmm... I'm sure my Creator is awfully mad at me for not doing my job and prevent people writing positive reviews for Anniyan (yes, one of my many objectives ).. but reading this, i do sense a lot of resilience in you. surprising!!! and interesting too!.. what is this childish stuff about churning out quality stuff? you are writing fine enough milady! keep going!

monu said...

thank you...naanum yaaraavadhu comment panna maattaangal nu waiting..thank you

you are welcome
and please continue visiting!

thanks for that....
so more crap on the way
looks like anniyan had a great impact on you!

Jayan said...

Wow, your blogging frequency is way beyond what I can manage !

Sriram said...

More than having an impact on me, it had a huge impact on my WALLET! Damn that Shankar! :D

monu said...

i am so utterly jobless

despite your warning..i am all set to watch the movie during the weekend!

Anonymous said...

"Why do you cry , my child?
when i gave you your whole life to laugh "

What is so wrong about crying ?.
i would love to cry . If you just like to have only one side of the life then it is not complete.

Laugh or Cry it dosen't matter as long as you do it with love and joy .