Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Random Scribblings in early morning

Target Audience

All those who read his writing
simply loved the word-play
Alas!The one it was intended for
never understood the inner meaning!


Others were jealous of the fact that
she would never be jealous of anyone else

HAppy New Year

In what was the most sad day of his life
He gets a message, wishing him a year
that was as good as that starting day!


Her mother in India knew everything she did and felt
Her husband here, in her house, did not!!

They say he treated all as equals...
Yes, he never respected anyone!


divyasurendiran said...

Cool ones monu!
Another jikku in the making :)

monu said...

i am not jikku..
i am good-gor nothing kokku...

just for the rhyming effect!

Kaps said...

Good ones (as usual)

Are these part of your homework :-)
Your blog post rate continues to be faster than Shoaib Akhtar's deliveries.

monu said...

that was "good for nothing"
atha kooda olungaa adikka maattengaren

monu said...

nopes..i just thought of them sudeenly...
my brain works when i least expect it to

ioiio said...

my brain works when i least expect it to..

how true.. same here.. It never works during the exams

ioiio said...

Monu, chuck that blogpatrol and use something like site meter.. This is aweful

monu said...

tell me how to use it..
i am intellectually uninitiated!!!

monu said...

suggestion implemented
but i will let the blogpatrol stay till my site meter comes up with some decent site meter gets into action now

G3 said...

Liked the last one about Equality! :)

Fathima said...

Liked the "Distance"

monu said...

@gayathri & fathima
thank u!

Anjali said...

so many and so awesome.

monu said...

thank u!

AF said...

Well written. Keep it coming

monu said...

thank u and keep visiting!

Ansh said...

target true!

monu said...

welcome to my blog!