Monday, June 27, 2005

Notebook Scribblings Part XI

wrote this for a friend of mine....many years back..i have the yellowing paper
with me as i type this and the date says :21/3/2000....

You Can

where has gone the fire in your eyes?
where has gone the spirit of your soul?

where is the confidence that saw you through?
where is the smile that graced your face?

where is the glimpse of you within you?
don't tell me that you have lost!

dont tell me that you have given up
till now having fought....

the bloodiest battles that you have stood
dont tell me, a minor pierce has shook you!

is it you,or is it someone else that i see?
there were those days and then today...

lost are the days, when you changed a possible failure
today you change a possible success

why do you shiver, my friend?
I have looked up to you when i was unsure...

why do you shiver, my friend?
please look within, revive your spirit

for , right now, i see you perishing...
these are days of sadnes i know

but look upto the days of joy
and see how you can make those yours!

I know my friend, what sorrow is
but you are not the ordinary, you can fight!

Don't tell me you can't, I know
who you are and i tell you, "you can"


jac said...

A nice piece there, a sort of inspiration and it is welldone. Flowers !!!

Aravind said...

Thats so cool. You are indeed a poet!!! Wish I could write something like that. BTW just now I was pissed with something...real boost...thanks dude

sharana said...

extremely well written...thought provoking.....kudos!!!

G3 said...

"why do you shiver, my friend?
I have looked up to you when i was unsure...

why do you shiver, my friend?
please look within, revive your spirit"

Nice! :)

Sriram said...

Echoos me.. where were you when i needed inspiration?? nice one!

divyasurendiran said...

WoW! Your poem does inspire.Good one monu!

monu said...

thanks..i worte to inspire a frined of mine...

glad to be of some scribblings..

thanks..i guess most of us write well when it is from our heart..this one was....


thanks..i thought you were self-motivated...

thank you divs..typed it yesterday evening....

Anonymous said...

Wow Great, I just found your blog and love it.

For this piece I just want to say its great and Its just what I needed.

monu said...


keep visiting...

jac said...

You have inspired more than one.

monu said...


thats certainly encouraging to me!

Vasundhara said...

Came across your profile while reading your comments on jikku's posting - glad I found this blog....

'You Can' is wonderful! :-)

monu said...


Thanks for visiting and keep coming back

Anonymous said...

you have wrote something very good there.