Monday, June 27, 2005


she accidentally painted a masterpiece
more out of her love of art
than out of expectation of praise or mastery

but seeing that masterpiece
the world heralded her a genius
Alas! She then sank without trace
under the weight of her own expectation


IBH said...

how true! very well written monu!

monu said...


life teaches us i supose...
ippadye poi naan philosopher aayida porenno nu enakku bayam vandhuduchu!

Jayan said...

Inspired by your kavidhais, there is one coming up from me !! Watch out for that !

monu said...

waiting to see your kavidhai!

Aravind said...

Nice poems (or 4 word breakups!!!). Sathya led me here. Good work.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

good poem

monu said...

keep visiting!
and thanks

monu said...


ioiio said...

well.. aravind not many know me as "Sathya". U gotto say ioiio or ullu.

Btw ppl follow the link to "RamaRajyam" in my blogroll and goto the comments section of the post with beer bottles/cocktail glasses. He has listed all the crezzie bloggers there

monu said...

thats interesting..will certainly check that one out!