Monday, June 27, 2005


She wanted to be a poet
So, she poured out her feelings
and broke down those sentences
into lines containing four words each!!



Fathima said...

I now understand where u began from....before writing ur poetry ;-)

monu said...

i dont get you!

virumandi said...

monu..ennai 'kuthu' rae madhiri irukkuthu!!! paravalai..unmaiya thanae neenga sollareenga!!!

virumandi said...

i have blogrolled u..hope u dont mind!!!

monu said...

antha title la paakkaalaiya?
i called it autobiography..meaning that i write things like that

and thanks for blogrolling me

Anjali said...

nice one.

monu said...



sharana said...

very nicely written....meaningful!!!

monu said...



ada-paavi!!!! said...

thats ur philo of poetry?? romba vidishama irrukku

monu said...


i guess thats how i end up writing..thats not the way they are supposed to be written, i suppose!!

Kaps said...

I have feeling that u wrote the suppose song. You are using too many suppose in your statements :-)

ioiio said...

enakku idhu munnadiye theriyum.. ne sentencea udaippa naan sentencea serppen.. avlo dhaan difference

jac said...

And that will eat you alive.

monu said...

have to stop repeating words like that..poor me..with a limited feeling a little difficult to do that

unga levelukku ellaam..ennaala vara mudiyumaa?

i dont get you...
explanation pls...

Anonymous said...

if the 3rd line was

"and she broke down those sentences"

instead of "and broke down those sentences"

you would have had 6 words in each line. Anyways its 3 a.m here and I need to get some sleep.


jac said...

Sorry, eat her alive.

monu said...

@manoj scribblings!!

monu said...

got it