Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Notebook Scribblings Part VI

hey people, this is not a personal is just an observation..

An Irony

cloudy sky looks to earth
she too forlorn
homeless person looks to earth
she too would forlorn

she recollected those days
at others she would gaze
many of them, she would envy
like them she would want to be...

she looked at different people
some pretty, some beautiful
she looked at different people
some moderate, some successful

tears were the liquid of her life
for she saw not what she had
for she saw the black point
on pure white paper

but things changed the day
the person she admired
she longed to be like
came to her with tears alike

"i hate myself" said
that oblect of adoration
"i would love to be you!"
this person had no words to say!!!!!

PS: i guess we all go through this stage, where we feel a little low about ourselves and wish we were like somebody else....we wouldn't find anything good about ourselves.........

have you ever thought that there might be people out there , who find something amazing about you so as to wish to be you ................?
that amazingly popular cool guy or that gorgeous beauty, apple of eye.....might have at some time wanted to be you...........?


Amol said...

cool it..ur poem looks too much on the sympathy side..i would rather tackle at why the feelin of being someone else arises rather than looking at it from a goody goody perspective.

monu said...


i guess you are right...why should we ever feel that way at all??

but this was about conveying the same thing..even if you do feel that way, the fact is you dont have to want to be like someone else at all..because they themselves might want to be you...meaning that you are special in your own way..

anyway, that was just a scribbling...
so comment taken..

Amol said...

Good U took my comment but i dont really take your comment :(
If I want 2 b like amithabh bachchan may not translate to he wanting to b like me .haan he may wish to b like Sean Connery.So there is something in your poem which can make a very strong breakthrough.
Anyways the point is that now i am pointless and i dont want to make any points anymore

Keep Posting Such Poems

monu said...

hey amol..
thanks for visiting my blog...
i cant really explain poems...i just scribble them when i feel like it....
so its okay if you find it absurd..sometimes even i find my own poems absurd!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!
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