Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Me too book tagged!!

Thanks to gayathri

Total number of books i own:

Less than 10 i think...
(am a member of a library, very close to home..and have friends who are members of other libraries...why would i buy??)

even the 10 where were given to me..i didnt buy them...
plan to buy some though..but most certainly second a roadside landmark and higginbothams for..those are only for browsing..not buying!!

Last few books i bought/borrowed :

  • Harry potter and the order of the phoenix ( i like all the harry potter books, but preferred the goblet of fire to this one)
  • Deception point - Dan brown ( this doesnt match upto his other books , and he is the master of amazing build-ups and not so great endings......)
  • The day of the jackal - Frederick Forsyth ( a really good book....)
  • Short story collection by Jeffrey Archer, i think it is called a quiver full of arrows ( really nice short stories, you can be sure to find a twist in the end......)
  • Princess Diaries book 5 ( i like the princess diaries books....they are nice in thier own at book 5 ..yet to read this one..borrowed it today morning)

The last book i was gifted :

  • Naveen mehandi designs (This was a birthday gift from my friend...i like applying mehandi in my hands..)

The last book i read:

  • Angels and Demons - Dan Brown ( i try to read every other book by the same author at around the same time.....)

Currently Reading:

  • Princess diaries book 5

Five books that mean a lot to me:

  • Success through positive mental attitude ( Probably the book that had the most positive effect on me....i think it put in loads of positive attitude and optimism in the otherwise "Oh mY god! Now what shall i do?" me.......)
  • Anne Frank's Diary ( She put in me the love of writing, it doesnt have to be perfect, but it can be from your heart.......)
  • Calvin and hobbes ( i read one and only one, adore calvin ....... dont start my day without seeing the comic strip in the paper)
  • Secret Garden (i read it when i was in school, sometime before my tenth..and loved the final few paras in the book, that says something like , children do not know to see the differences that grown ups see)
  • My own Notebook (Any piece of paper with my scribblings is very special to is a piece of me!!!!)

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Sriram said...

Ha Ha! I've already been tagged and already made a post ;).. nice try

Sriram said...

Well, in reality, i borrow from the lib, and my last book was the Bourne Supremacy , Robert not much for me to post in reply to the tag :D

G3 said...

Anne Frank's diary is one of my favourite too! I loved the way the emotions were put in! It was so realistic!

monu said...


i guess borrowing is the best way....and also sharing your opinion with someone who has already read the book is a joy in itself

monu said...


i loved anne frank , i was fifteen (as was anne) when i read the book, could relate a lot to it!!

ioiio said...

Enakku oru book tag'e over.. idhula innonnu veraiyaaa..

Anyway this one sounds like greek n latin to me

monu said...


i read your blog, it was really funny...

un movie tag was good!