Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Three things....

This is in continuation from ullu 's tag post(ioiio):

Three names i go by:

Gayu (at work and among friends)
vidhya(at home)
bhuvana(now, not many know that , that is also a name of mine, the story behind that name being too many cousins on both sides of the family , who wanted to name me..
gayathri- grandpa's choice
vidhya- father's side cousin's at home
bhuvana-mom's side cousin's choice, so am called by that name by mom's realtives)

Three screen names:


MY cat's name, couldn't think of any other!!!

Three Physical things you like about youself:

My heart ( i want to be a nice person)
My height (5 7, i think)
My eyes ( despite the fact that i have a nice little power(i wear contacts now, but specs tiill i finished college), i like them)

Three physical things you dont like about yourself:

My hair (its curly......)
My tongue ( talk a lot of nonsense!!)
My stomach (takes a real effort for me to not be a glutton)

Three things that scare me:

Judgement time ( when i have to make a choice for myself..... am not too sure of my judging capabilities!!)
Darkness ( Thats when i start remembering all those horror movies.....)
Lizards (i always wonder when they are to fall off from the wall and on my head!!!)

Three things i want to do badly right now:

triple my salary!!!! ( and divide work by three)
teach all those worry-heads that worrying gets you nowhere
fix all the bugs in life (of all those i know and care for...thier worry is my worry)

Three places that i want to go on a vacation:

Amazon rain forests ( for the flora and fauna...before they are wiped off the face of earth :( !)
Africa (for the wildlife)

Three kiddy names i like:

kannu ( so sweet, the way a mother calls her child, kannu, my eyes..the child is so precious to her... my mom still calls me kannu sometimes when she says "unakku ennada kannu kurachal?"..i am not even attempting a translation of that)

Three things to do before i die:

Have a lot of money that i can leave behind for all those i care
See only happiness in all those i care
live life to the fullest!!!!

(...the number three is so inhibiting..i want to do so much more..but these top my list)

Total number of films that i own on DVD/ video:


i havent even bought books for studying...i always xeroxed..that too only the required pages..not a para more.... you think i would buy movies..ha..ha ha!! may be later...not now....
not when i can borrow from a library or friend.....

Three of your everyday essentials:

Money (this simply tops the list!!!)
Contact lens and solution ( i cant see without it)
A smile and a positive attitude

Three things you are wearing right now:


Three people who have to take this quiz:


This is the fun part...

as always others are welcome to take this furthur too..


ioiio said...

book part 100% rite..
same here..

monu said...


i guess thats how all those xeroc shops still stay in business...not to mention some assignment xeroxs too..though i copying from the original

G3 said...

Hey Monu ... Thx for tagging me! You are tagged too :P ... book tagged this time!

monu said...

@ gayathri

thanks for tagging me..
will do that one tommorow..or today evening..