Wednesday, June 22, 2005


In the plush confines of her home
she spoke of social change
and vented out her feelings of anti-establishment
yet, in reality she did nothing to change it
and played along with life!

Just an unrelated add-on

Also read this...

'You've got to find what you love,' Jobs says

I found it really inspiring


divyasurendiran said...

good one monu.
That is so true in a majority of the cases.People can relate to your poems and thats why(i guess) they like it.

monu said...

i will give you Rs.5 as beta!!
on a serious note, thanks!

monu said...

"beta" is the amount that extras(politically correct word- background dncers?????) are given in movies....

Kay said...

Steve jobs i have read this before, really impressive.

monu said...

got that was fwd yesterday...nice one!

Amol said...

Bookmarked ..url of steve jobs.
my perspectives changed completely.feel free..Thanks for it..

monu said...

i felt the same way tpp

Amol said...

hey monu.. ne such fwds..pls mail

monu said...

will certainly do so