Wednesday, June 22, 2005


in your eyes
I never saw
warmth and love

in your words
i never heard
sweetness and softness

in you actions
i never felt
great and good

yet, in your heart
i have always seen and known
an unexpressed virgin love for me!!


virumandi said...

wow...too good...i wanted to comment something..but couldn't go beyond these two words!!!!!

Chaos said...

good goin gayu.. and during which year of your college life did you come up with this craetive work of art?

thennavan said...

Hmm, does this mean that other than the heart, we don't really need other organs in our partner?

Just kidding!


Sriram said...

SO, does this mean that you are now chasing someone with a broom in hand and an intention to re-arrange a face ;) :D

... jacek ... said...

errr.... I dont get it.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Unfortunately....these days. everything is needed...don't you think.!!

sharana said...

absolutely rockin poem....heart is where the truth of love resides!!!!

Anjali said...

awesome verse.

Kay said...

dont think i am writing the same comment everytime..when u write awesome poems like this my comment will be the same for all ur posts :)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

nice verse,

G3 said...

who is the lucky guy, monu?

really nice! the words I want to speak ... well, unexpressed!

monu said...

Thanks...keep visiting my blog

god knows!!!
thanks for visiting my blog!

ofcourse not!but without heart, what would that life be called!

i dont get you!
but i guess chasing someone with a broom must be fun!

Thanks for visiting my blog and your was just about unexpressed feelings ...affection..etc.

@narayanan venkitu
thanks for visiting my blog
well, i was just trying to say that , not expressing the care does not mean that the care isn't there

thanks for visitng my blog and your comments

thanks anjali!


thanks for visitng my blog and your comment!


it wasn't for any was about unexpressed not necesarily of the romantic nature!!!

gAMe said...

wow Love in the Non Romantic Nature Hmmm....

monu said...

welcome to my blog

ioiio said...

kalakkarey gaayu

monu said...


nee atha vida kalakkara ullu!

ioiio said...

Remba Thannadakkam!!!