Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wish list

Things i wish i could do, but have never done, but hope to do:

  • go bungee jumping
  • go trekking to some godforsaken place!!
  • tell all those superior to me that i will not bow to authority..and am a free spirit
  • jump into water at the first sight of it
  • get fully drenched in a pouring rain..may be even dance....(no i am not a reema sen fan..just that i have never got to do what she did in minnale........)
  • shout out how vitamin D is important..and fairness denies you that.....and yell out against this strange fixation with fair skin........
  • shout out against all those astrologers who make miserable predictions about people's lives....moolam star means your mom-in-law will stupid.....
  • for once, be what i am, without an ounce of a thought as to what others think of me.......
  • learn kick-boxing
  • give a carnatic music concert
  • have a dog and a cat for pets.....
  • wake up when i want to
  • cook up my own recipe
  • go for shopping without an upper limit and splurge!!!

Things i wish i could do, but dont think i would ever be able to do:

  • i think the carnatic music concert should figure here...... hehe
  • get married in a register i dont plan to elope.....i am against all that tremendous wastage of money....parents deny themselves every little thing and save up to spend the whole lot in two days....... my parents spent seven lakhs for my sis's wedding......but society may this comes here too in my list
  • start my own business...(i just dont have the smartness to run my own business...)
  • Go to IIM-A...(hey people..i am not hard working.....)
  • invent something..or now that i am in the software field...... write my own piece of mind boggling code that i can sell for millions...... heheheheh...sounds funny even to me.....hehehe
  • on a serious note, adopt a not sure how far i can do it is here in my list too......

Things i would never want to do, but still end up doing :

  • Lie..i hate it when i have to conscience pricks..but i do it anyway.....
  • pretend liking somebody/something when i actually dont....i cant be downright brutal..can i?
  • should i add "working" in this list???.......

anyways, despite all my blogging yesterday, i finished the detailed design doc and got it approved!.....and free now.....



Kaps said...

I thought Moolam star means it's dangerous for the father-in-law....when did they change it?

Kick-boxing? Are u a fan of Lara Croft / Vijayashanthi?

Carnatic Music concert - We'll attend if we are given free tickets and free earbuds.

Shopping without an upper limit - Things u can do only with an add-on card

Get married in Register Office - Alaipayuthey ishtyle?

Start your own business - You can substitute smartness with hardwork and still start your own biz

Get into IIMA - you can substitute hardwork with smartness and still get into IIMA

G3 said...

thats a really nice list! I could relate to a lot of things mentioned in the first list!

Dog and Cat for pets?? Arey! wouldnt that cause a problem for you :)

congrats on the detailed design!

monu said...


i dont beleive in i am not sure what the moolam star is supposed to do....may be the other way..god knows!!!

yes, very much a fan of both......

en kural kekkaamale eppady ippadi solla mudiyudhu ungalaala...i am chitra's onnu vitta cousin....

now, what can i do to get an add-on card.....:(
the only card i have is my sal debit card!!

alaipaayutheu style ellaam illa....appa amma definiteaa irukkanam!!

i am not hard working...i am hardly you all can see

monu said...


doga and cats can get along just of my friends had three dogs and many cats....they got along just fine....

i cant manage that many..oru naai kutty..oru poonai kutty podhum...

BTW i had a cat called monu.....not with me now!

Kaps said...

Ennadhu...Chitra's onnu vitta cousina? Reela illai reala?
I'm padariyen padippariyen pallikudam thaanariyen.....manichukkonga madam.

Anyway I stick to my earlier stand. I don't understand Carnatic music and hence will attend only if I get free tickets.
BTW I have attended 2 Chitra concerts in S'pore.
One was when she performed along with Madhu Balakrishnan (this was sometime last year).
the other was when she came as part of Bharadwaj's troupe this year.

monu said...

athu chumma joke..
me too carnatic music illiterate.....
athunaala chumma ezhudhi vachutten blogla...
she once came to my school for our culturals....and sang a song....
thats all i have seen of chitra

Amol said...

"for once, be what i am, without an ounce ......."
Quite Funny..atleast u realised..

"get fully drenched in a pouring.. "
lifes a waste if u dont do that

monu said...


thanks for your comments amol....
have got drenched in a kid....more so because i wouldn't have had an umbrella....not by choice....
i want to get drenched in rain by choice!!!

Anjali said...

your wishlist is dupilcate of mine.Job's article was awesome.Good going monu.

monu said...



ioiio said...

Start your own business - You can substitute smartness with hardwork and still start your own biz

Get into IIMA - you can substitute hardwork with smartness and still get into IIMA

Great comment

i am not hard working...i am hardly you all can see

WOnderful reply

Iam rotfl :)

Sriram said...

Hey! about your list of "things I hope to do",,, don't you think the list should be renamed as "Things I SHOULD do"? why do you worry about what others might think? be the person you ARE and not what people want you to be. (OK, i can see a chair flying towards me for this advice).. echoos me,, i'm running away ;)

monu said...


hmm....attendance noted!!!
just kidding!

monu said...


what to do? social constraints!!!
i am not yet a revolutionary..may be one day i will become one!!