Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Notebook Scribblings Part IX

I am a Princess

i am a princess
of my own sweet kingdom

my only master is God
and conscience, my only controller

i wear a crown, not on my head
but in my heart, of love

i have my wishes fulfilled
not by might or money

but by care and love
to go the extra mile for me

i have no subjects
my family, my friends- my equals..

i fly like a snowflake
carried by the breeze of care

so what if my dress is torn
and my face is brown?

i still am a princess
of my own sweet kingdom



Chaos said...
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Jayan said...

You impress me more and more

virumandi said...

if i were to take a movie (a trilogy)it would go like this

princess of the ring..the fellowship

princess of the ring..the twin towers..God and Consceince

princess of the ring..the return of the princess..torn and brown!!!

thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

Kaps said...

Another Princess Diaries in the making?

monu said...


thanks a lot!


you write really well...
thanks for stopping by my blog

maybe, the essence is the same..anyone and everyone is a princess in their own way

ioiio said...

I was too lazy to find ur email id..
yen class reunion listla un pera kaanum..enna gals ellaam boycottaaa..

My advice.. Classla dhaan paadhi naal sandai! ippa koodavaaa..

sorry for converting ur blog to messenger. If u want.. u can always delete the comment after u read this

monu said...


i am not sure if i will make it...
something mught turn always does when i make plans..thats y i am not commiting...and god knows about permission at home.....
thats the truth for u....

yaaru yaaroda sandai pottaa....
the other girls may have their own reason

ioiio said...

I meant there was very less interaction between the ppl of opposite sex..

When there was any interaction, it was during a boy-girl debate invariably

monu said...

u r right abt that!
we could have got along better!