Friday, May 27, 2005

Oops! I did it again

Please forgive with my the previous post
will avoid that the next time...
am lazy to check..i just type and say publish post!!!
Will check here after


rajesh said...

saw ur comment in my blog!
Veyr thot-provoking story u got there :)
Thx for visiting!

monu said...

i like ur style of writing ..too good...
u inspired me to write that one....
Keep up the good work..
while i take care of the bad work
(i mean my blog.....)

Chaos said...

u might try

She write excellent crap !!.
Only problem for u is that she is a "she".. or is that a problem for u?

monu said...

u think there would be a reason to read a blog???? apart from whiling away time?????

divyasurendiran said...


Chaos said...

she's good ... really good .. she's been blogging from 1996. What does divya's naughy comment mean?? I'm already thinking up several meanings :))

monu said...

..i dont know what divya said ..
but i did go thru the blog u sent me...
it was ok