Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mommy twice over

I delivered a baby boy on august 3. I have been super busy since then, dealing with all kinds of emotions. I think I had some sort of post partum depression.. I cried when I came home from hospital with Sanjay and I felt a little depressed this time too. May be it was the fact that Sanjay was not with me for one month. I am staying at my mom's place, and Sanjay stayed back with my Mother in law. But all is well now. I have been busy learning to be a mom to two kids , and doing justice to it. I have been getting on mode to get back to work(getting my hands on things other than baby things that is...), though I plan to stay home till baby is 5 months old. I got a new laptop, and net connection at my mom's place, where I will be staying till baby Koushik is six months old. :)

Koushik's birth story would warrant a post by itself and I would do it once I find some time. hopefully I will be more regular here.

hope everyone is doing well. :)


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Jeevan said...

Congrats monu! Really happy to read from you... Nice name for the baby boy :) Hope u feel better now. Keep writing :)