Wednesday, April 03, 2013


I am in love with you

with everything you do

Yet sometimes,

I get very mad at you,

and even more mad at myself,

for being mad at you..

I cry when you don't watch,

tears stolen from you.

At times, I look at you,

with wide eyed wonder..

I steal time from life,

and memories from time,

and watch you over and over again

I recall our talks,

our jokes, and the play,

and the laughter..

and feel like I were,

floating amongst clouds

It's amazing how much more you give me,

than I could ever give you

And I'm in love with you.

PS: Love of a Mother! PPS: I am all poetic today. Inspiration, the Lukka Chuppi song

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Jeevan said...

Lovely, Simple and Sweet :)