Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Life, beautiful Life!

Life, beautiful Life,
with all it's despair,

and sadness and pain,

is still worth living.

For it would be so sad,

to waste this beauty of breath,

breathing life, breathing thought,

breathing love, breathing hope

Life, beautiful Life,

with all the misery,

with all the terrible terrible loss,

is still worth living

For it doesn't stop,

for you or for me,

it goes on,

nudging you to move on,

to LIVE life..

For each day is a blessing,

in which much can be done,

When there is hope,

and effort,

Show me one, anyone,

Who can stop you!

That is the beauty of Life.

Life, beautiful Life!

PS: Always the optimist, I can never think of a reason to never go on. Once saw an interview of old people waiting at a holy place for death. It gives them Moksha apparently. but how sad is that life? For no matter how old you are,  your life, your breath in itself is a gift. And there's something you can do with it.

Also inspired by reading review of the movie Saraansh. :)

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