Friday, April 20, 2012

On Adapting

Sometimes I stop for a minute and think of how much I have changed in the almost 8 years of my professional life. Just today I dealt with a situation at work in a way that I didn’t see myself doing. And I reacted naturally without thinking and planning to act in a certain way. I am surprised by the extent to which experience teaches and changes us.

As always, I don’t do anything earth shattering or earth changing at work. I was treated in a way which made me believe that my sense of responsibility/accountability was not trusted. Ideally, say, around 4 years back, I might have reacted emotionally, because, all said and done, I do take my work seriously. But today, I didn’t even go through that emotional upheaval. Thoughts like, why did he/she think that I am not responsible didn’t occur to me. I have learnt through years of experience that some people work in a certain way, they like to keep tabs and it has nothing to do with me. So I walked up to him/her and told them my progress and gave them my timeline and asked them to take it forward from there. Nice and confident.

So unlike me! 

And I was so surprised after coming back and settling down in my seat. It’s amazing the way in which the human mind adapts and learns even when there is no conscious effort to do so. I am always amazed by this capacity to learn. And it is in all of us!


Jeevan said...

These experience will rise your level of confident! keep going monu

monu said...

thanks Jeevan! Thats the best point of coming onsite, the experiences and the learning! :D