Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We get into a discussion
for with you,
there never could be,
an arguement

I am disturbed
at the way you react
to circumstances,
I look at you in the eye,
and tell you,
that you simply
do not have courage.

As always,
you do not argue,
Yes I am that way,
you tell me calmly
and walk away

Leaving me to wonder,
If I ever would,
accept my faults..
Leaving me to wonder,
who's the more courageous?


Jeevan said...

Just wonder like you! You got the courage indeed without doubt :)

monu said...

thanks Jeevan! :)

Hariharan K said...

i donno what prompted you to write this.. loved reading this.. but this rings a lot of bell abt professionalism.. Like Dilbert, everyone thinks it resembles their situation the best :)