Monday, January 30, 2012


Like all things that I end up buying, this was unnecessary. But I still bought  myself a pair of slippers/sandals (excuse my lack of knowledge of fashion lexicon), while my eyes were looking through the store to find a pair for my mom. My mom and I, we both have large feet, India size 9. So it is a little hard to find footwear for us, and fashionable ones that.

So I was happy and all that , that I found something suitable and feminine and reasonably priced for my LARGE FEET.

When my sister had come down to my mother's place and I visited her, I convinced her to buy a pair. She probably doesn't need one now, what with the fact that her feet will swell up soon enough thanks to pregnancy, but who can resist a good pair of beautiful footwear.

And so we were done with the purchase. The salesman, using his well practiced salesman technique, inquires if I need a pair too. I am still not wearing precious new footwear and walking around in old ones.

I smile at him and look into his eyes and tell him, "Well I just bought the same pair from you a day back".

And he smiled back in recognition and said - "Oh Yes! When you walked in, I thought that the footwear looked familiar"

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