Wednesday, January 18, 2012


There is so much one can learn from children. Everyday Sanjay asks me at least one question, the answer to which I do not know. It is eye-opening, literally to see the world through a child’s eye. Fills me with wonder. And also makes me wonder, when did I stop questioning and start accepting?

Day before yesterday , Sanjay asked me – Why do dogs have tails? Apart from wagging I couldn’t think of any other purpose. So I told him that I will find out more and tell him. Apparently dogs use their tails as a rudder while swimming. I found at least ten other uses for the tail.

Yesterday, he asked me – Why is fire hot? My first reaction was to see if he had hurt himself. Thankfully no. He had just kept his hand in the vicinity of fire to feel the heat.  Of course, I told him without admonishing him, to not get too close to fire. I didn’t know the answer and was just googling it.Did you know - "Fire is the result of a chemical reaction (oxidation) which releases energy stored in chemical bonds. This released energy is the "heat" you feel."

I had never questioned why fire is hot. I just accepted it. I will go home and explain to Sanju. It is beautiful to learn from a child. As they say, the child is indeed the father of man.


Jeevan said...

hum... indeed! many a time we never question so that why we don't know many things.

share more so that i can also learn :)

Risha said...

Totally agree with you!!!

I am googling today to find out "what sound does a porcupine make?"

Her nap time is my research time.

yet another thing I learnt is the difference between alligators and crocodiles :)