Thursday, November 10, 2011

In Like with it

I dont know if I am in love with my job. I spend a lot of time browsing, writng and what not. I try to squeeze in some reading,job-related reading. And after all that, I do some work.

So I get an issue to solve, something to fix, and I work on it for a few days- Reading up on the net for possible solutions to make up for me not being technical geek, closing my eyes and thinking up solutions, putting pen on paper and listing the problems and possible solutions, looking through existing code to see if this has been handled. And at the end of it all, I hit upon a decent solution.I try it out and test it. There are still some loopholes and I fix them one by one. And then finally, I get my code reviewed and the reviewer says it is alright.

And then I feel this sense of accomplishment. There is just one word to describe this joy - accomplishment.

And I think to myself, I may not actually hate my job. I might be in like with it. :)

PS: Like with it - Inspired by the song in 27 Dresses. :)

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