Friday, September 16, 2011

A Mother's job

So she tells me, rubbing her eyes gently, as if to massage even the swollen eyelids, “I haven’t been sleeping well for some days now.”

Why, I think to myself, for she seems to have everything. She’s well settled, lives comfortably with her children and grandchildren. What on earth could be driving her sleep away? Only I don’t question, I just listen.

“One day, it was the first son’s accident. A minor one, he had bruises all over. He was shaken…”

“The other day, it was the second son. He has been working hard on his dream. I hope he succeeds. I know he will, yet I fear for him and the uncertainties that life holds…”

“And then my grandchild, I read so many things on the paper, hear news on the TV.. and I start bothering about him.. Till he comes home safe from his school bus…”

And she gets up and walks back into the kitchen. There’s dinner waiting to be made.


Jeevan said...

I'm listening too... her (mother) job is very special on earth and their care and fear are not many know exactly.

monu said...

yes...very true..