Thursday, June 16, 2011

me and the Club!

Among other things, i am part of the Writer's club in my office. Here's a small write up i wrote in this club. I have sent this to the in house magazine, lets see if i get published!

"I remember reading this little incident sometime back. I don’t recall the exact names of people in this real incident, but I have never forgotten the message.

Once a person, who wanted to become a painter, went up to a famous painter, and showed him his painting and asked for the famous painter’s opinion.
The Famous painter, though a famous man, was still honest and a nice guy. So he looked at the artist-hopeful and told him in a gentle way that the painting didn’t show much promise. This didn’t deter our man and he pulled up another painting and showed it to the famous man, and the famous artist was taken by surprise at the beauty of the painting, and said that whoever painted that showed a lot of promise. He was curious to know, “Who did this one?” he asked.
Our man, had a sad smile, and said, “Oh! That was my painting from a long time back. If only I had heard your comments back then….”

Moral of the Story: Every artist needs recognition and encouragement.

I used to draw as a kid. I still have some of the drawings I did as a kid. But the sad fact is that now, I can’t draw half as well as I did as an eight year old. Each one of us has a passion, somewhere deep within, we may also have some talent. But in the absence of encouragement, so many of us might just give up on our skills, and simply not keep at it.

I love writing, but am no professional. I sometimes wonder if have the talent at being mediocre at everything I do. But I was sure that I won’t let go of my writing as I let go of my art, and so I blog and try to find some avenue or the other to write and more importantly, be READ!

For without an audience, the writer’s words are all but dead.

I joined in March 2011, not knowing then that I would find my avenue here. In a mail from Internal Communications, I found a link for the Writers’ Club. From then on, I have been hooked. I was amazed to see the amount of talent, from all the poems, short stories, travelogues, articles and other forms of creative writing under display.

So I went ahead and posted two of my poems from long back. And so many kind people commented on it. People I have never known or met pinged me and shared their thoughts on my writing. It felt so good, for the writer in me, to be read, and also to be appreciated.

For all us like minded writers, we put up our writing for everyone to read and comment on. We learn about different styles of writing, we read thriller like short stories, and some heartwarming ones. We are open to all languages, and each author adds a small translation for everyone to understand, and sometimes I am awe stuck at the beauty of each language.

I have been attending the Tuesdays with Writers’ meetings, and it’s actually so much fun. I can get all serious while writing, that the meeting is like an anti-thesis for me. The last session we had was so much fun, I laughed so hard. It proved to me that thought provoking sessions don’t have to be all serious!

Each meeting has something interesting. I have always dreamt of publishing my writing. Who doesn’t want a bigger audience? And I was surprised to know through the Writers’ Club that there are people who are actually living this dream. Writers’ Club for me has been a medium to network with people who share the same passion as me.

It’s nice to see the many ways of expression, for there’s always so much to learn from the world, and better still, from people, who see the same love in something you do. It validates your passion!!


Jeevan said...

All the best mono! applause makes a person to do better and more. keep writing...

monu said...

Thanks Jeevan...