Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's a BOY!!!!!!!

i couldnt wait to get my hands on a comp and type this was like waiting to tell your best friend your most happy news...

I delivered a baby boy on April 11th at 6:31 PM. it was a C-section and baby and me were fine. We named the boy Sanjay. He is almost 5 and half months old now and doing fine. I am worrying he might be catching cold, but that aside, he is good.

I took six months off and will be joining work on Oct 1st. Lots to say and lots to share. I am brimming with words but no time as i am at a browsing center and baby is sleeping at home. I am here to send a bit of an official document.
All you people, thnaks for your wishes and take care. I hope to voice all my thoughts here more often.


Ganesh said...

Congrats Monu

Jeevan said...

Its pleasant to know from u, happiness forever. All my wishes to Sanjay and u :)

monu said...

thanks Jeevan

monu said...

thanks Ganesh