Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pregnancy Update and other sundry information...

Pregnancy update again. I have completed 7 months and am now into eight month. It has been a rollercoaster ride for me. 5th month I gained 4 Kgs which freaked out my doctor and I tried not to gainand ended up with a reduction in hemoglobin count, and so I began to eat properly and thank God , my hemoglobin count is now good. And I don’t have sugar(gestational diabetes). On the flip side, Ithink I am going to hear from the doc about my weight…..

Anyways, so far so good. I can feel little Paappu move within me pretty nicely and others can feel as well as see it once in a while when the baby moves really lots…its nice

There’s not much nausea, but I feel tired in the mornings and wish I didn’t have to get out and could just sleep. Once I am in office I feel better, traveling leaves me a bit tired.

I have two more months to go and there would be a baby. Overwhelming!!!

I think I have become majorly calm during the pregnancy, contrary to what people generally say, all that about emotional upheaval during pregnancy..i seem to have suddenly developed an ability to overlook the little things in life….they don’t irk me that much….seriously.

Good thing, totally not related to pregnancy, I cleared the SCJP exam. I hope to get one more certification before I resume work after the baby. I just want to make sure I am employable and always in a position to provide for my baby and all my loved ones.

Sriram speaks so much these days. It is such a pleasure to listen to him repeat words after the grown-ups, whether he gets the meaning or not. He can identify my voice over the phone and immediately says “Vidhya Chithi” or shortens it to “Vithi”. If you ask him to sing, he will go “AaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaa……” so sweetly….

Life is good so far. Nothing great happening on the career front, which irks me a bit, much as I try not to let the little things irk me…anyways priority no.1 is the baby and hearing and feeling that the bay is good fixes all the wrongs

My Seemantham got over and now my hands speak a language of jingle-jangle with every movement. The seemantham went well…well attended and I had fun as always except when I had to sit on the floor and my legs hurt like crazy..i was afraid to get and walk off,worried what some people might say…welcome to the tough life of a woman!!!!

I am now officially allowed to think of names for the baby..people out there, you are welcome to give your suggestions..i don’t know if it is a baby girl or a baby both names welcome please… However, I have thought of a baby girl name. Popular opinions of all maamis who attended my seemantham is that I am going to have a boy…but I have thought of a girl baby name …I really like that name…so Gods of numerology and popular opinion permiting and me having a girl, i would call my girl baby with my secret favourite name….i need to think up a lot more names though…I haven't yet thought of a boy baby name, did come across some that i liked but nothing that captured my fancy.

I am showing pretty well now. So even ladies hold the door for me and i get seat in train. It isn't always that sweet as sometimes people dont really bother. I can stand fro someime so it doesn't matter. But everytime someone does something because i am pregnant i feel real nice. It feels like a privilege.

So thats my pregnancy update...


Jeevan said...

Nice about your seemantham and little sriram. take care buddy :)

monu said...

thanks jeevan

Shanmugapriya said...

Gud to hear about ur seemantham. Take care.