Thursday, April 12, 2007

Scribbles and more...


Your shades are tinted pink
And mine is black

And when we combine our perception
Through our words ,of everyday life,
We see a world, as it is,
Beautiful in its differences.
Where nothing or nobody is so bad,
That hate could come around!

And I smile to know,
Life is still beautiful!

scribbling some more:
Difference is beautiful isn’t it?
As we pass through life, there is so much to learn.
Sometimes, we see and hear things in our own perspective, we might end up judging up things wrong. Like how something someone said appeared not-nice to me and I began to almost detest the person.

That was until someone else came along and gave me a different perspective and I think to myself, what she said may not have been wrong after all. May be she is not bad afterall.May be it was all just a reaction.

And life still continues to be beautiful

Unrelated Add on :
I was watching this interview on TV where this actor is asked what he wouldn't like in a woman.
I was expecting he woudl say "Jealousy" for thats what i woudl have said. I feel the big J is somewhat characteristic of women....

And he surprises me by saying, what he wouldn't like in a woman is her not knowing how wonderful she is.

And i went WOW.
Thats such a beautiful thought.


Rajaram S said...

An unrelated comment: Something must be wrong with the IP2location thing you got on the top right of your blog. It shows me as being from Delhi whereas I am browsing from chennai. Maybe, it shows all indian IPs as delhi, like I am often asked "Do you speak Hindu in India" !!

Known Stranger said...

true monu - it is true. that what we consider as wrong about some one in the fist of reaction latter we learn it might not be that way. true. I liked your poem on shades. yet your poem on elastic band is the best in my view you have written. you have to break your own best to make one more. I think the big J actor said soemthing sensible. WOman often dont know how wonderful they are. true... from personal experience. they dont realise it

Jeevan said...

Beautiful scribbling monu:) I too saw that interview, he wonders!

Happy Tamil New Year dear Friend:)

smiley said...

what he wouldn't like in a woman is her not knowing how wonderful she is... usually women expect men to say that to them :)

Vinesh said...

i went Wow too, on hearing the reply!

Cute Chunky Chick said...

Monu - came here via MM's blog. Thanks for your good wishes, and warmest congratulations on your upcoming wedding!