Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Pill

As she sat there
Writhing in pain
And unable to hide
The distortions it caused
In her face

Someone offered her a pill
To pop in,
It will relieve you,
She heard them all say

Hmmm…She sighed
But didn’t take the pill
For she didn’t believe
In self-medication

And then they all began talking
Of pain and cramps
And in so doing,
The words so crowded her mind,
That the sensation of pain
Was slowly being pushed to background

PS: So which is the pill here, the real one or the conversation??
And so my inane scribblings continue


Jeevan said...

The conversation! The real relief is sharing our pain.

Known Stranger said...

the pill is your writing for those who read.

monu said...


@known stranger
took me some tme to get that one
thank you so much