Monday, December 25, 2006

Office celebration

Wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!!!

Since i really didn't have any blogging ideas, and my blog was lying dormant for a long time, amd PK had posted about the decoration we did at office, i decided to do the same..

We had a celebration in office for decorating our workspace. our theme was Global Warming...and we did the following. Well, that meant four days of no work and only decoration, and hence , weekend working... ,
it was fun nevertheless!!!

We won the First prize for "Best Theme".. It was team work at its best, and boy!!did we scream with joy when we heard the results.... we got a Cup too....

Tree No. 1: This used to be a pillar before we transformed it into a tree...

Tree No. 2:

WaterFall, Made with white Dupatta..

Entrance to our Wing, camouflaged to resemble a cave....

And I also met Narayanan Sir along with PK. ....

Boy!! Did i have an eventfull week..... but have loads of work at office that i have left unfinished....and am wondering as to how i am to finish it...reminds of the times before exams when i wouldnt have prepared anything and all i would have is hope....there is no more room in my nails for me to bite it....

Deadline approches and i begin to resemble a squirrel standing on a bark, staring at an approaching cat....

Anyways, hopefully, i will finish it..



smiley said...

Merry Christmas and looks like u have a fun loving manager. the waterfall looks great :)

monu said...

thanks smiley..
the entire org here in india did it..
so that means we got a jolly good sooper boss!!

Fathima said...

Gayu.........Missed it.....My wing naa????

Jeevan said...

Hope u have a nice time in office, Congrats for ur team:)

I missed meeting Narayanan:(

Advance New Year wishes dear:)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

It was nice meeting with you Monu.
Looks like a grand celebration at work. We have these occasions at work too.

monu said...

we missed you a lot...but i have heard that you are having greater fun at bangalore!!!

he was telling me he wanted to meet you..but he couldnt get your contact details....
never mind..
Wish you a great new yr too

@Narayanan Sir
it was really nice meeting you and i boasted about it to all who woudl listen
Happy new yr to you!!!