Friday, November 24, 2006

Short Story - 6

Ammani's q here
First it was red. Then yellow. Now it's red again. Why can't Shailu make up her mind?
My reply here:
Choices spoil one , they say...yes, they really do.They confuse you and leave you wondering as to which one would be better.

It wasn't just Shailu, most of us are like that aren't we? give us a choice, and see our eyeballs rolling in our own eyes without our knowledge....

New toothbrush, blue or red or yellow? thats all you have? No more colours? most of us would go on....

Well, but you see, shailu was a little different. All her life, and that is only 11 years of it,she never did have any choice. There was just one good dress, one decent shoe, and just one of everything, and second of the same was redundant, coming as it did of her parent's measly income.

And so that day, when she got two hand-me-down dresses from the rich girl across the street, her parents totally didn't blame her when she sat confused, as to which one to wear.....


Anonymous said...

hmmm... Interesting.
even if we did not have choices before, how did we learn to get confused about them???
want to wear something? look for something, then wear the first thing that comes up... that is how it should have worked...but we got taught about "beauty" before we got taught about the "necessity"???

I know that was entirely off from what you are trying to say here, i am just giving an alternate perception.

Have a nice weekend.

monu said...

i never looked at the choice from teh beauty point of view...may be

but then, i was talking about a kid for whom the first thing was all there was....imagine the joy of a child, who has never known that there could be two of the same thing that a person could have, when the child gets a second piece, even if it be hand me down..

and u too have a great weekend!!!

Jeevan said...

Some get choice, some don't.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to alert you sooner, but i forgot. But there is still plenty of time.
I thought you might be interested in a Story Contest.
All the best Monu, if you are going to take part! :)


smiley said...

maybe she will learn to toss the coin soon, head or tails to avoid confusion. good one :)

barbi said...

i see its natural to get confused when given choices.

i do take a lot of time to pick a tee- shirt

but i really don mind the color of my tothbrush!!!!