Thursday, July 20, 2006

The thought

She sits there, wondering ,
Of things important to her,
And of little importance to the world..

She looks at that photo,
And wonders,
“When was this guy married?”

For He was a classmate,
And as old as her…
She tried hard to remember….
And ended up biting her nails,
A thing she does,
When she is in deep-concentrated thought..

A passer- by, she knows little,
Walks by, looking at her with concern,
And comments,
“You seem to be working real hard!!!”


dinesh said...

lol..nice one.

I used to get people fooled like that before. Now it's been too many times, they know what it means !

Anonymous said...

reminds me of the time, when you smile and refuse to tell people why, they will conclude that "something's up!! I know!!" :))...

Jeevan said...

I think that should be her school days photo:) as usual nice one.

Fathima said...

I know it cud b u. When I thought u r thinking abt the location for statue, u were planning abt ur lunch :-((((((((((((

monu said...

hmmmm...bad they found out..its fun when they dont

i had a friend who always had that naughty smile, so i know what you mean...but i find that smile very cute...

thanks jeevan

arent al of us that way..nobody can guess what we are thingking..

Anonymous said...

interesting... there was a guy in my team who used to say the same thing...he used to smile as if he is looking at a little chicken... and would pich my cheeks and say "Cute"... hmmm... wonder why? should have asked him when he was around. Care to explain?

monu said...

it looks like u r upto some mischief with that smile which is why it looks cute...
or atleast thast what i think

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Known Stranger said...

beautifully desvribbed the reflection of ones idea of how important a thought to her is little important to world and the world view it completely different. more the the poetic style - i am really loving your way of wrttiting - you write a subject and end with a tiwist least expected. there is a link in the twist.

it is like a short story with a totally different aspect of what the reader was thinking while reading it.

amazing monu