Wednesday, July 12, 2006

On a grandmother, a young mother and the child…….

I was blabbering sweet little nothings to you,
Not bothering to look at you,
For you would rather look at that colorful ball,
Than at me….

A chance look towards you, and I see that,
Your eyes meet mine,
And I feel mine growing with joy,
Are you actually looking at me?

I smile out of joy, unbound joy…
And I see your lips curve into a shy smile,
And I smile all the more,almost laughing out of joy,
And your smile widens into a full-fledged toothless one..

I drown deep into the pristine innocent smile,
And the beauty of it all, still smiling widely…
My own mother, glances at me from distance,
Watching me laugh like a child once again….

And smiles to herself!!!!!


Anonymous said...

... and we are all smiling now :)

Jeevan said...

:) I think today i smiled for at least a minute, when playing catch and throw with my physiotherapist. Nice one.

theother monu said...

How ethical and patriotic are you when you access your blogs thru pkblogs(a pakistan based website) when our govt is pursuing action against that country ?

monu said...


nice to know that

@the other monu
i found ur name funny when i first saw the comment..... its very flattering to come across someone else calling themselves "the other monu"....i really dont know if it is from pakistan....well , anyway i have nothing against any ordinary pakistani..not all of them are terrorists are they???? and dear friend, if u can establish to me that it is indeed by a pakistani who doesnt have good intentions towards my motherland, then i will stop using it... i am still smiling at ur choice of is funny....monu was my cat..

Anonymous said...
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Known Stranger said...

hey... can i subscribe your blog so that i get your writing to my inbox directly.

Anonymous said...

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