Monday, March 06, 2006

Just a little bit more.....

This story is about a bunch of girls in college. They had just finished their exam and were walking lazily, thinking about the forthcoming holidays.

It was strange,that they hated college as long as it was on. They hated exams all the more so.
But when leave starts, they would begin to miss college, all those friends and all that fun...

And so they decided to stay on in college for some more time and leave late, now that the holidays had begun.
And so they walked to the cafeteria and began talking, regualr banter, that girls always engage in.

Somehow , the topic changed to horror movies and ghosts.
"Sixth Sense is one of the best , i have seen...", began a girl.She was the story teller, who absolutely enjoyed telling any story.
Well, she often made up her own stories, in real life too...and so she began, narrating the movie, scene by scene, to the enthralled audience, none of whom had ever seen the movie.

Since she was indeed a master story teller, everyone was almost scared.Everyone except one girl.

The storyteller was not amused. Her narration of any horror tale left most people with a lurking sense of fear.
And so the storyteller, adressed our girl and asked her,
"You don't beleive in ghosts, Do you?"

Our girl smiled and said,
"Not like that, Just that, I beleive in God, a little bit more!"


Vinesh said...

Hey, that was a very "poetic story"


New style of writing :-)

monu said...

thanks vinesh!

Jeevan said...

Nice storyteller:)

monu said...


Known Stranger said...

i would say you are a very good narrator of a single concept and singel statmetn that carrys the whole menaing in a style of short story.. you need tp publish you writtings