Monday, November 28, 2005


Most of us just go along in our own dear ways, calm and peaceful...and then some things happen..... which lead to some rather bitter realisations!

  • I got into the bus I usually take near my house. Whom did I see there? My immediate junior from college….She must be going to college , I thought..but her nice, swanky hand-bag made me think otherwise…she smiled at me..i smiled too, “u started work?”, I asked her…

    “yes..four months back…too hectic!”
    Oh my God! Even my junior has started work..i am no more a fresher!
  • In the wedding that I attended at Bombay, the guy who was serving bondas, smiled very sweetly at me and asked, “innoru bonda, maami?”..(one more bonda, maami?)
    Oh my god! Every south Indian girl in a kancheevaram silk sari, with flowers in her hair is not a maami…I wanted to scream, I just said no to the bonda instead!
  • All the kids wanted to go see the “Harry potter” movie….and they very happily invited me….the reason? They wanted an adult to take them along….Not long ago, I was one of them, asking my older cousins to sponsor movie trips….

    Oh My God! I am getting older!!!!!

PS: I am reading "The Bourne Identity" and am liking it....was inspired by the movie to read the book....and saw "yahaan", nice movie...but then, after some time, they all tend to become cliched...


soul-hunni said...

Heya! This is the first time I've read through your blog, I like the way you write.

The feeling of getting old - I'm dreading the day that that starts to happen haha. Are you sure they didn't invite you along to the movie because they think you're cool?! :-P

Jeevan said...

hahaha... yenna maami soikeyama.

I also like to see Harry Potter. me too feel getting old.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

nice post, enakkum inda madri instances were there,

how was harry potter nu sollavei illay, esp handlin the kids

Chaos said...


tamilan said...

Time flies fast...
It won't be long before you hear the word mummy (instead of mammi...)from a couple of voices...
that's when u really start feeling old.

But don't forget...
Old is Gold...

Ganesh said...

well well monu
what can i say but welcome to the club ;)

Fathima said...

Hey maami!
We will put this in a hoarding near Gemini fly over or wherever u want-"Every south Indian girl in a kancheevaram silk sari, with flowers in her hair is not a maami".
Oh my! So u said no to the bonda. Thats bad.

Getting older? How come u r alone getting older when I am staying young? :-))))))))))))

johnny boy said...

LOL... nice post, hilarious.. Especially the 'maami' part :) Poor guy, he must have been tryin to get in your good books.. Little did he know that he was makin a big mistake in his life by callin u that :P
Monu, dont say we are gettin old, say we are getting less younger! :) Be optimistic... And also console urself like this - everyone on earth is getting less younger... :D

dumbs said...


monu said...


i never saw the movie, becoz we didnt get the tickets!

i escaped, thanks to time factor and ticket factor!
i wanted to see the movie though!


i can imagine that!

nice to have company!

ne manam pogum, gemini flyover la potaa!

@johnny boy
atleast i most certainly am not a kid anymore!!


Jayan said...

For one, I bet it wasn't the saree or flowers that made him guess correctly ! Some things just are evident !!!!