Friday, November 25, 2005

The First Lesson

Way back,when he was really young,
and could get away with asking any question,
just to satisfy his ever-increasing curiosity,
when He looked upto his father,
as the most-knowledgable man,
when he didn't have to act like a pseudo-intellectual,
yet, could ask those thought provoking questions....

He went upto his father and asked him,
as to how a Stone could be worshipped as GOD,
Wouldn't that be another superstition??

The father, didn't put on airs,
for he was, but a layman...
He said matter-of-factly,
"It is your Faith, My Child..
It is the power of your faith,
that can transform a stone,
and enthrust it powers of almighty!"

That was the first lesson of the young boy's life,
and it was the only lesson he ever needed all his life,
The lesson of "FAITH"!


Jeevan said...

There should be a reason for the question? other wise no one will hear.

Anjali said...

faith can move a mountain or pull down a mighty oak tree.But my da dbecame a mighty big man with this simple philosophy:Do what you do,do well.

divyasurendiran said...


monu said...

guess you are right

thats very true...


johnny boy said...

Faith, is what keeps the world going... Inspite of the millions of unanswered questions, baffling incidents, at the end of the day... Faith keeps us going... :)

monu said...

@johnny boy
right said johnny

vasanthi said...

Good one

monu said...

thanks and welcome back!