Monday, October 10, 2005

Survival tips for the rain affected in Chennai!

Rain in Chennai? I can see the surprise there...but yes, it does rain here, once in a while....
So how do you handle the rain are some tips from a person who has travelled in bus for as long as she can remember..and still does.....and manages flodded roads, rains and all....

Fashion fundas:

  • The colour for this season is anything all you people, put in all those light shades and take out the dark ones... Why dark colours you ask? Well, how else are you to survive the muddy waters splashing all over you? Typically go in for all shades of brown which will beautifully camouflage the splashed muddy water even after it dries up ...and black, is as stylish as ever.......
  • You can make use of all those "sale"s that spring up in September to get yourself nice fancy umbrellas..not only do you make a fashion statement, you protect yourself from rain and do not have to waer those funny floral pattern rain-coats (if you are not driving, that is)!

Walking fundas:

  • During rainy season, you have to be very careful while walking in the road. You should have worked on your reflexes , jumping skills and all .....they will come in handy !For instance, if you see a pool of dirty water logged up due to heavy rain and you see a vehicle approaching via the same way, you response should be quick if you want to avoid being bathed in a spring of dirty water! (much as mught be water scrcity here, i am sure you wouldnt want to be bathed in dirty water...and you clothes get spoiled too)
  • You should be extra careful if you are walking in mud paths, having traces of what used to be a road, with some tar pekking here and there....this calls for immense precaution....if you have no choice but to wak through that way.....well, the you have to accept the fact that your feet are going to end up muddy if you want to remain standing at the end of that walk.....
  • this one is serious, beware of all those uncovered manholes, which are camouflaged by stagnating water!

Driving Fundas:

  • Beware of the same water splashing heavy vehicles and drivers who seem to be in a hurry and will happily dirve fast, splashing water all over you.... Survival tip: Wear floral raincoats that covers every piece of clothing on you.....
  • If you are wearing specs, and are driving, rain can be bad for you! Survival tip: Fit a wiper, like you have in buses and cars to increase your visibilty, or if the raod is empty enough, remove your specs and drive, you could never see through a very wet and watery specs anyway!

Best Survival tip:

  • If you can take one day off and, thanks to pooja holidays, stay home for 5 or 6 days, the take that day off, take a book, a cup of steaming coffee/tea and sit back and watch the rain through your window....for it doesn't rain often in chennai!!!

PS: ALL just for fun!


G3 said...
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G3 said...

haha! funny. If it rains, I'll sit and watch TV with a cup of hot coffee (period)

Jeevan said...

i dint think this rain will continue in chennai. your tips are very useful, Fashion fundas are nice.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

wearing specs i been thinking of the wiper for a bike ll get muddy and ill have to clean and polish it all over again...bhoo...itll take me 2 hours

Prabu Karthik said...

Best Survival tip is my choice :D

its not for nothing that we work where we work :)

Adaengappa !! said...

Thanks for the tips :
I got reminded about the day when i attended interview for my present job here..Remember thats oct midweek 4yrs cars,autos-water inside them-stranded on the water clogged roads-nothing moved-i got no choice but to wade thru knee deep waters across guindy to reach Radisson,chennai.folded pants,wet shoes..felt bad..My prof/interviewer quipped :I appreciate that you made it :

Sanitation infrastructure needs a major uplift at Chennai.

Ram said...

Chennaiyil oru mazhaikaalam padam thaan varali, mazhaiyaavadhu peiyattum

tamilan said...

fun during rain!!!
madayil irunthu keelay pogum kodaigal mael kalimann orundai podalam! good fun! surprised people wondering what dropped on their kodais!!!
paper boat seythu theru orathil odum neeril race vidalaam!!!
malai neeril nanraga kulikalam! no water restriction!!!
innum konjam malai peyattum!!!

ioiio said...

Fundooo Aayitta Monu.. h r u?

Chaos said...

Best tip - stay inside at home , never even think of wearing shoes if u venture outside.

monu said...


appadiye thaan iruken!
me fine
how abt u?

yep..rain can be fun..if you are not stuck up somewhere in someplace .....

@ram poga thaan kashtam!

great to know you made it!
your grit must have encouraged them!!

athaan ungala kaanom!

i feel that way with my vehicle too....rain ku appram oru service vidanam!

patheengala, nalla mazhai!

given a choice..i would too!