Monday, October 10, 2005

Random Realisations

  • That honesty is appreciated...recently at work, i had commited a mistake. a copy-paste mistake....and one of my superiors, gently drew my attention to it. My first thought was to go on the defensive and come up with mundane explanations. But thne i thought again and prepared a mail , saying that i rechecked and realised the mistake and i thanked my superior for correcting the same. She is my onsite manager. I have never met her. Just mailed her saying i accepted the fault. and guess what? That was appreciated.....she thanked me for being proactive. Some time back, in a similar scenario, when a colleague and myself didnt know a particular application, we didnt try to hide our ignorance and accepted that our knowledge was limited. That was appreciated too and immediately a training was arranged. Honesty works!!!
  • That if u want something, God will test your wanting with little hurdles and some real tough ones too... all you need to do is just hold on in the face of hurdles....and God will let you have it...It isn't god's fault to just ensure that we get those we really value and wish for...right?
  • Why do I love my workplace? I am not just a resource here. I am a human being whose well-being is cared for. Like, when my friend passed away and we were all engulfed in grief, our HR and a good friend herself to all us freshers spoke to us. She asked us not to blame ourselves for it. Her little open-hearted talk worked wonders for us.......I thank her!
  • In times of trouble, seek out, speak never know who is that angel through whom God is going to send across his mesage to you!


Prabu Karthik said...

ahem ahem!

grapevone has it Monu will get a hike just bcos of this favoorable post on HR:)

monu said...

hehehhee..onnum illai!!