Thursday, September 01, 2005


Dried up!

She looked around, hopelessly, aimlessly
Trying to find the strange in the normal
Failing so, she tried finetuning her perception
"Did that inspire me with one of life's many ironies?"
She wondered.....It didn't........
And so they all said, she didn't paint that day!


That inefficient employee,
who always needed
a little extra explanation
and a litlle more time
to complete the set task,
was thought of as ordinary!

All those people,
just didn't visit her house
in the morning hours,
to see her cook that day's food
for all at home,
pack a meal for each,
while gently reassuring all
and enquiring about the day ahead
remembering everything about everybody,
cleaning up after them,
and still manage to reach work with a smile!


~phobiac~ said...

hey monu ...nice one....esp the super woman.....

"All those people.....
. up after them,
and still manage to reach work with a smile!"

reminded me of my mom !

AF said...

Reminds me of my mom, aunties... and me tooo.... :-(

AF said...

that comment was for the Superwomen

monu said...

u must appreciate ur mom...

all women are superwomen!