Thursday, September 01, 2005

Now we are all equal!

Talk about gender equality!!
"No more chupke chupke!", said the print ad on the Hindu!

Emami brings Fair & Handsome for men

the Rs 320-crore personal beauty care products company, has launched
Fair and Handsome, a fairness cream for men. The company feels confident that male consumers' heightened image consciousness will fuel the growth in the men's grooming market in India.

The product is being test marketed at present in select centres in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and would be launched at these centers initially.

Emami would gradually reach this product to other centres in a phased manner.

Now why tamilnadu and AP? Because people are darker here?? Oh My God!!
Now we can look forward to funny ads where the girl will ditch a dark guy and he would use this amazing cream and they would get back together!!!
What a refreshing change from all those fair and lovely ads targetted at women!!!


johnny boy said...

:-) lol ... well this was only expected i guess.. When there was somethin that could supposedly 'improve' the complexion of women folk, why not for men? :-) lol.... "fair n handsome" really sounds funny tho!!
Not a surprise :-) Why in TN n AP, well what u said seems logical too :)
If they wanted 'best' results, maybe they shud have tried in Jamaica or somewhere in West Indies ;-)

Chaos said...

u come up with naive explanations....
can't it be like "Guys in t.n and a.p are dumber than the rest :)".

The rest of us are dumb too.. but not that dumb

ada-paavi!!!! said...

u shud lsiten to the radio ad very funny,

it works on the premise that men use womens fainress cream, and wud prefer to use mens fairness cream.

men in TN and AP are more beauty conscious

Kaps said...

vatsan is right. market research has revealed that men were using the fair and lovely cream and hence the FMCG companies have brought out a fairness cream targetted at them.

vaasu said...

Really! I knew nothing abt this fairness cream for men..but I do agree AP and tamilnadu is the best market to capture:)

duniya paisey pey chaltha hai..

Jeevan said...

It’s funny news. Hear after we can see the young guys on TV. Like girls, guys will come in 3 photos from Black skin to white skin. haha

Ganesh said...

monu I think whole concept sucks
men or women doesnt matter
fair or dark its just matter of 'melanin' doesnt make one better over the other. I say this being a very fair skinned person.

Sriram said...

ROTFL!!! This just shows how superficial people are, right? ;)

AF said...

hmm. just another way for them to make money. And guess what our people will buy it as well.

Gayathri said...

well ... the company will definitely pocket money from this. Enakku therinja oru 16 year boy, monthly once facial senchiirundha ... adhuvum secret-ta ... because of pimples. Now, he is sure to queue up first.

Fathima said...

Waiting to c the ad!
Just like the "Tez" mustard oil ad, some time back

monu said...

god knows where the world is going!

agreed...i was wondering why the people would use it
u have a oint though

thats y the print ad says "no more chupke chupke"!!

hmmm..paisa kisi ko budhu banaane se aata hai....

that would be fun too!

yep! is it beacuse we are brown skinned
that was feel an attraction towards a lighter
version of the same??

very philosophically put!

most certainly..they will..and god alone knows the
harmful effects of it in the long run!

thats funny!

me too....

jac said...

Better tell them to try a Nigerian like me, Monu.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fathima

What was that add for "Tez Mustard oil " inot seen Adv. but i use Tez Mustard oil Its Really Good for Cooking"