Thursday, September 29, 2005

Random Ramblings!

How would you feel if you wrote a supposed a romantic story and it comes out like a brother-sister teary jerker???

wanna know? Ask me.....


I am not yet that kind of a writer who can exactly get across in the form of words, the picture for the story in one's mind..thats where i fail miserably i suppose....I just scribble and without so much as a second thought, I put it up on my blog..the titles for all i wrote are the first ones that occur to sprucing up whatsoever....thats why i called my blog..."from my heart...."

I wanted my blog to be the notebook in which i used to randomly scribbble my sudden outbursts of creativity in form of some sentences...sudden thouhgts used to go in there...thats been my writing(just a sample , people) for a long long time.....

The previous post was about a woman who discovers about her husband's true loving nature by looking through his go back and read it, you might have thought at first that it is about brother-sister right?

no porblemo..i am just learning my way scribbling any inspiration that i might your opinions are very much valued...i am improving, thanks to that....particularly thanks to PK and jeevan for his comment there...

Honest and sincere opinions are rare to come by and i very much value them


thennavan said...

Monu, just activate word verification in your comments preferences and get rid of ones like the above. Good luck :-)

Chaos said...

I thought u were going thru ur teammate's bag :))

Jeevan said...

Now i realize monu. a wife going through his husbands bag and knowing about his secrets. super.:)

monu said...

thanks for the suggestion..will implement it sometime soon

no way!