Thursday, August 18, 2005

Songs and me....

I have always wondered how people can listen to a song and do work simultaneously..i know some people who can actually study with music on...some of them inisist that music be come???

why? Because, i just cant do anything that involves using my brain when i am listening to a song simultaneously.....(please dont say that i cant use my brain anyways.......:D , sometimes i can ).

why again? Because, when the song gets playing, i begin concentrating on the lyrics, whatever be the language. Even if the song is in a language i dont understand, the incomprehendable words start registering in my mind........and there....all the processing power of my brain is used up for listening to the song and getting the words into my head.....

It is much worser when i understand the language..then i concentrate even more and appreciate the lyrics.....thats the end of my plans of using my brain....

The other day i had to do some copy-pasting, i thought , what the heck?Let me listen to some nice songs and do it..anyway it doesn't involve any brain work....and guess what , i goofed it up majorly..

but some people listen to songs the whole day and work just fact they do some real challenging mind boggling work, with some peppy song in the background..i just cant do that.............hmmmmmm

So what only can i do with a song playing in my headphones??? I just discovered that i can blog!!!!



Ilaiy said...

I love music .. but I prefer standup comedy. I play it while I am working .. I love it ..


Kaps said...

I need music while studying, working and blogging. Bought a sleek pair of speakers to be kept in my cubicle. IMO work gets done faster if I have music playing in the background. Don't mind the mistakes....they happen even if u don't listen to music.

jac said...

To enjoy good music, language is never a barrier.

johnny boy said...

I listen to music, side by side with most of the things I do -> work, study, sleep, browse... :)
I sometimes study with my earphones on too :-) Dont ask me how much i got in the exam n all, ok? :)
From ur post, I believe u are facing this problem cos u are listenin to those songs for the first time. Try avoiding that. Thats when u pay a lotta attention to the lyrics cos u donno what the next line holds in store.
I listen to songs which i might have heard 100 times b4, so the lyrics are by-heart.. No need for any concentration, jus hum along, n carry on doin whtever! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Vivhyd said...
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Vivhyd said...

hey monu.. seems like lots of spamming.. uh?

well it depends on person 2 person.. some ppl work with music on some find it a disturbance.. as u said if no brain work is involved.. in My case.. I don't mind listening 2 music otherwise I wud prefer 2 switch it off I guess..

tamilan said...

idathu pakka moolaiyai isaikum...
valathu pakka moolaiyai velaikum...
assign seythu kollungal.

Chaos said... what could have you possibly done that attracted "toys" to your comment box? Checking out certain other sites on the sly??

:)) I'm kidding , these content related advertisements make use of google's underlying search engine to sniff out keywords and comment their advertisements in such posts. Watch out for popups now? You wouldn't want Maria Sharapova suddenly popping at ur face in her full glory when you are browsing ! Use a pop-up blocker or even better use Firefox

G3 said...

hi monu ... I guess I am like most others who have commented ... listen to music most of the time. At office, home, blog, etc.

monu said...


may be..i feel it hampers my thinking when i am listening to the me a song is not just its music,its the lyric..and i just keep thinking about it....
particularly if i find the lyrics poetic,meaningful or relatable.....

you are right....i guess that is the case with any art form...that you dont need to know to appreciate it

@johnny boy
even if i have listened to it for umpteen times, i will still be lost in the lyrics of the song..and that hampers any thinking ("any" to be noted.....)

like when u r studying???
i cant study with music on.....
but i can do cleaning work and stuff

idea nalla irukke!

nothing popped up thankfully!

great that you can do your work simultaneously!

Anoop Sundaram said...

hey i read similar thoughts somewhere recently . i mean on listening to songs and doing other work... can't remember where :-(( btw i love to listen to songs and do other stuff.... but some songs make u stop whatever ur doing :-)

Jayan said...

I am addictive to music at work, study and relaxation.

Try playing your favorite song when u get out of bed groggy, it will instantly brighten u up for the rest of the day ...

When in school/college, I could never study Math/Science without music. Other subject, I coud ! :|

Jayan said...

The worst thing about music at work is that u miss out on all that gossip :)

Fathima said...

I can work while listening to music, even when others r talking to me ;-)

Iris said...

This is the deal:

Music masks the external environment and kind of creates your own private world which is pleasant. After a while u will become oblivious to the environment and actually start doing the actual work or whatever else. But sub conciously you are happy. This is one mode of listening to music.

The other mode is when u analyse music rather than only enjoying it (analysing it may also be a an enjoyment on its own... especially when u like to sing or learning to play an instrument..).. so naturally all your attention is foucussed on the musical elements - the lyrics, the notes etc etc...

I function in both the modes.. though i am a bit of a novice in the second mode(i am trying to learn to play the flute, rather pathetically , without a teacher... any one planning to start a blog on that? like fathima's Bharathanatiyam blog?... )

monu said...

only for me, all songs make me stop whatever i am doing!

i get your point
thats y i dont listen to songs at work...(i meant when the gossip mill is at work!)

i know that madam

i like your explanation..i havent learnt music..yet i guess i function in the second mode.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

i like to listen to music when i study, it cus out distractions,
secondly when i blog, my writing is better when i do it while listenin to music (not my nakkals, but my english\serious posts)

monu said...

looks like there are very few like me who cant do anything with music..

~phobiac~ said...

oh....My day starts off with some MS song...then it moves on to MGR hits and the my day ends with some latest numbers....

song illaama worka?

actually songs naduvulathaan work....not the other way...

yenna panna panna thookam thaan varuthu....

yellam this one cup Pongal and vadai seiyara work..

monu said...

hmm....another one of the vast majority....
ennaala paatu keetunde ottarai mattum thaan adikka mudiyum!

Iris said...

I forgot to add a third mode!
The march-past mode (can be considered a special case of the environment mode):
The music guides you on your work. It is not necessary that fast music makes you work fast. Its just a synchronizer. And a very pleasant one at that ;0)

vasanthi said...

Even I have the same problem

AF said...

Reading your blogs after a long time have a lot to catch up i find. Very busy these days.

But this song and work, even i can't do it.
More than the lyrics i would want to dance ;-)