Friday, August 19, 2005

Random thoughts from a busy day!

The coward

All his bravery and dare-devilry
stood no ground against his loved one's feelings...
He would crumble at one little tear!


The little monkey at the end of the rope
would dance in unison with the drum beat,
fearing that smacking cane..............
else he would be out there in the wilderness
wandering free..........

Greener grass???

She 1:
My MIL drives me around the whole day
wish i went to work like her and came home late......

She 2:
My PL drives me around the whole day
wish i stayed home like her.......

** expln
MIL - Mother in law
PL - Project Lead

** All characters are fictional


Anoop Sundaram said...

yup one who loves out of his heart wud sure crumble - not even at one little tear but even b4 the whimpering starts...

Fathima said...

Konnutiye Gayu(The coward).

Hmmm, korangu vithaiyellaaam senju padichomnu solriyaa?

Greener grass - Nee enna thaan fictionalnnu pottalum, Is ur MIL working, and u r planning to stay home after marriage?

Fathima said...

Appadiye enakkoru coward venum. Thedi kudunga.

Sneha Acharya said...

HA HA good one that MIL n PL ... ennanamo solla nenachu adha ore varthela sonna madhiri irukku :-))

Amol said...

i like ur definoems* or philoems**

*definition as poems
**philosophy in poems

Anonymous said...

No! men dont crumble and certainly will never ever cry. its a disgrace! (coward! cant u say the truth?).. oops i was talking to myself!

Some monkeys are deprived of attention...
Mischief gives them attention...
Even if the attention comes from a cane!
Pain from the attention is bearable..
But the pain of loneliness is unbearable...

(just rambling!)

Fathima said...

I think u have still not fallen in love.

monu said...

experince speaking??
I agree with what you say

appadi sollala...
the monkey would naturally be in the wild and venture on its is innatural for the monkey to dance.....i just compared that to what education is doing to us!!!

and the seconmd one was supposed to have meant two women sighing and wishing to be the other...but there are problems everywhere!!

i saw your blog and really liked your pics!!

" ennanamo solla nenachu adha ore varthela sonna madhiri irukku "
-life la ellaam appady thaan nadakkudhu...

thanks a lot!
i like those names you provide to my scribblings...feels nice..

i just meant to say that a monkey which would otherwise be jumping among trees is now dancing, so unnatural for the poor education stifling us???

but liked what you wrote..nice

have u??

ada-paavi!!!! said...

idu ennathu MIL PL ellam? future illu ipovae planninga?
who is the knight is shining armour who swept u off ur feet? ora romantic kavadhis a varathu?

monu said...

chumma ezhudhinen..kinghtaavahdu??
shining armour aavadhu??
adhellaam fairy tale la thaan nadakkum!

romantic enga pa??
i have heard that the greatest weapon a woman has against a man is tears.....

Vivhyd said...

1st one - well.. a little tear be4 it becomes an ocean shd be very much atttended to.. Monu.. wht say?

2nd one... wht an irony.. nice one..

3rd one.. lol.. unless PL is a gr8 guy or sometihng.. rite?

ada-paavi!!!! said...

romantic maybe wrong, annal romba sentimental, bitttu bittu a tamil cinema (ramarajan to be precise)sentiment oda konjum kozhi soup for soul sentiment a mix panna on kavadhai varum!

monu said...

i gues u r right abt the first one....

nee thaan next bernard shaw nu ninakkaren!

Anonymous said...

(coward! cant u say the truth?) i was talking to myself..

That sentence meant that: i was talking to myself. I was telling myself - "why dont u tell the truth that u are a crumbler..."
:-) so fathima, does that answer ur question?

Good Question at fathi. I'll bet she wont answer that.

Anonymous said...

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sukhanya said...

fictiousaaa?? illa ma.. neraiya peru nee sonna definitionsla fit aaraanga..

@ fathi.. coward kattinaaa theriyum ..adhaanaaala varum ilavasa innaipugal

@ monu..MIL and PL was cool

vasanthi said...

All characters fictional-en bhayama PL kitte.

monu said...

i guess she wont answer that

it is based on anybody nu chumma....
and thanks!

ethukku vambu??!!!

~phobiac~ said...

hey yenna three days-a no sound ?.....busy-a illa office-ku leave-a ?

monu said...

3 days leave vittutten blogginku
net connection at home (dial up), very poor..athunaala thaan
will be updating some time later..

Fathima said...

Hey monu, I dint get any coward so far.

But as Sukhanya said, considering the ilavasa innaipugal, I will better not go for that.

Iris, truth? What truth?