Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Right now

"Hope you find the time to write to me...busy people find time........."

That was the letter received over one month back...she still hadn't replied...
"How can I? she would think ....I have my own worries..there is not one moment of peace..may be some other time when i am not as emotionally disturbed as i am ..i would write that elusive letter......

That was 6 months back...she never replied
She got one final letter, "Sorry to inform you of the demise of........"
So, went the story, that she happend to read that tiring day.....and she immediately called up all those long lost friends she was too busy for!


johnny boy said...

I am waiting by the phone .... :-)

monu said...

@johnny boy
so sweet of u!

vasanthi said...

Hey I am tired of saying good one.

Iris said...

Well, this is one good thing about having as few friends as possible. We can always find time. Or have such a lot friends, that even if someone fails to reply to you, you wont feel bad and that person need not feel bad for not replying. Is this making sense??

monu said...

hope my writing doesn't tire you!

i think it makes sense...having friends is nice...but i wouldn't know how to manage too many.....i try my best to stay in touch