Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Take 1:

"So do you two get along?",
asked the calm one
"No, we just don't......"
said the emotional one,
"wonder if it is me or him
There is a problem..."

The calm one just replied-
"I don't beleive that
No one can be that bad!"

Expln: May be their prejudices is blocking their view
sometimes we just form up an opinion,and are unwilling
to change it..May be if we just thought for a minute
setting aside our prejuidices, we might realise that nobody
can be as bad as we imagined!

Take 2:

The little jealousy
over that great skin ,
that subtle beauty,
and the pretty eyes,
made me prejudiced,
till you called me,
a great friend!

Expln: This is so totally a girl thing!
Girls tend to get jealous of prettier girls and the attention that
the prettier girls get..yet if that pretty girl is your good friend, you learn
to see beyond the jealousies!


Chaos said...

Somebody inform Mills & Boons of monu

monu said...

i know that is not a compliment

Jeevan said...

what is this means?

Fathima said...
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Fathima said...

Crying out loud after reading the third time. Bcoz I dunno if I got it right! Monu, layman terms plz

Jeevan said...

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johnny boy said...

aahaa ... suthoma puriyala ...
"wonder if it is me or you
There is a problem..."
in understanding ...
Pls explain :-)

~phobiac~ said...


is it the same guy talkin ??


I dont mind havin a great lookin friend....if tis a girl ...better !!

IBH said...

mmm! that is thought provoking...mite be...the second one is true! but the first one if the other peson is emotional it is tough to put aside the prejudices!

IBH said...

btw, i liked ur T2 a lot.....i guess all gals are like that! :)

Anonymous said...

What if some one is prejudiced that all people are good? That's also bad naa? The person is bound to get hurt without even knowing it! Taken for a ride! I think one balances the other in real life...

Jealousy is like the worst start to a friendship. But i know from experience that things dont get any worse... It just keeps getting better and better. Ofcourse i cant comment on the jealousy over physical beauty:)

Ganesh said...

nalla soneenga,I wanted to write about this but kind of little afraid about this topic, since not so good looking girls and boys will be after me.
some of these beautiful people are also nice human beings and wanted to be treated just like anyother normal person would be treated.
May be I should go ahead and post it
what say,

ada-paavi!!!! said...

harper collins, penguin ellorum vangaa paa, ingai oru budding romantic senti writer efunds illa talent a waste pannittuirukka!

by the way looks is not only for girls, oru rowdy madri oru aala partha (tough looking basically) we base opinions on looks, pesa aarambichaappram shan avangala patthi we understand

secondly prejuidices + ego dhan vazkhailla mukkal vasi problems a cause pannarathu

thennavan said...

I have seen examples of the kind of cold vibes that not-so-good-looking girls give to their better-looking counterparts. But as you say when the two are friends, the differences usually resolve but I have always wondered one thing about our movies - why is it that the heroine should have average-looking girls only as her friends? I have seen this being played out repeatedly. Does this mean two good-looking girls can never see eye to eye?


Anjali said...

beautiful monu

M. said...

good one

G3 said...

hmm ... interesting. a bit confusing though. an expln was essential

monu said...

i hope the explanation that i provided was ok...

i checked out the magazine cover you was great!

excuse my poor writing skills..put in an explanation...fine now??

@johnny boy
neenga sonnathukku appram oru explanation potten...ok now?

@phobiac is a third person reporting!
and i guess most of us wouldn't mind a great looking friend from the opposite gender!

yep, girls are like that...they can get jealous..they can also overcome that..wat say?

i don't know if guys get jealous....but i guess sometimes girls do....
friendship takes time to u does get better!

feel free to post it..would love to read your opinion on it!

sometimes, nee philosopher maathiri pesara...but correctaa sonna....prejuidice and ego thaan problem...naan paatukku orathula computer thattindu irukken...edhukku harper collins, penguin ellaam..efunds podhum!

"talent" nu sonnathukku thanks

maybe the heroine is herself an average looking female..they are jsut making her look better with some plain janes around her??

thanks anjali!


i knew that..i put it up initially without the explanation and realised that i wasn't getting across correctly so had to put in the explanation!

divyasurendiran said...

Good observation monu.

Reg. Thennavan's doubt, if the heroine's friend is good-looking , the audience will end up looking at her and not the heroine!

Whatever aspect of a hero or heroine the movie makers plan to show, they make sure that the hero/heroine is THE best in that.
Since, unfortunately, in a lot of movies, the heroine only has to look good , it is made sure she looks better than her friends.

Of course, a portion of the blame rests on the audience for this state of affairs.

monu said...

"kurudan naattil kongan raja"!!!!
heard that one in tamil?

divyasurendiran said...

it is something like "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is the king", right?

monu said...

as always , right said!