Monday, August 01, 2005

Random thoughts from a Sleepy Sunday!

The Makeover

The make-over was long overdue
So,She took out the make-up kit
and carefully dabbed on
with a brush.................
-Pot Painting!

The Home-Breaker

She had schemed for long
on the ways of dis-entangling
that web of love, that had taken years to build
Today was the day, she would destroy that labour of love..
- Cobweb removal!

PS: those were the two things i did this sunday


ioiio said...

Pot'nu un thalaiya dhaaney sonney

monu said...

romba too much ioiio!

divyasurendiran said...

nice monu :)

monu said...

thanks divs

ada-paavi!!!! said...

pot painting i get,

adu enna removing labour of love (spiders ku ellam labour oof love kadiathu, labour for survival than!), wat web pf love did u break?

Jayan said...

Good ones. Pot Painting esp.

I have reposted my post. Check it out now and tell me if it makes sense now.

Vijaykanth padam paakaravangalukkellam explanation kandippa kodukkanummnu marandhutten !

monu said...

ottarai adichen..avalodhaan..vera onnum illa ma...

monu said...

thanks..captain nadulla engappa vandaaru??!!!!!

Kaps said...

what is pot painting? is it like the one they show in some cadbury ad? hv heard of rice painting......did u take any pictures?

monu said...

pics..not yet, i have it here in my desk at office..plan to use it as a pen stand...

it is just ordinary mud pot,i painted it and did some decorations on it....

viji said...
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viji said...

spiders elaam kanavule unna vandhu kekkaporadhu:
"aniyaama naanga kashtapattu kattina veeta ipdi naasam pannitiye... hyyooo hyyyooo... nee nanna iruppiya?!"

monu said...

neengalum sundhu enakku saabham kudukkaama irundhaa seri

sathish said...

poor spiders...
mathavanga veedu idikardu thappu illaya..
btw, first time 2 ur blog.. came thru anjali's blog..
u write real nice 1's

monu said...

thanks a lot !
and keep visiting!

thappu thaan..aana avnga enga veetula irukka rent kudukkalaiye!

Vivhyd said...

hey.. really nice ones.. twist in the tale and the way .. hmm

monu said...