Saturday, July 30, 2005


Her conscience was a non-entity
when she betrayed her parents' trust
to let friendship bloom into love

today, when the parents disapprove
and ask her to let go,
She points to conscience.............

PS: Me blogging on a saturday from sify iway!!!
I filed my IT returns for the first time in my life.....on friday


Aravind said...

Got conscience post anything to do with tax returns hehehe

vasanthi said...

Blogging from sify i way-isn't this thing very addictive.even I have blogged twice from reliance webworld when my system at home went for a toss

tamilan said...

manasatchi ullavargal weekendum blog seivargal!!!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Manasukkul Mathaapa?

Very nice Monu.! Conscience/parents/love/marriage.!!


Congrats on filing taxes.!

Prabu Karthik said...

what has conscience go to do with falling in love?

nee conscience illama office la irundhu blog pannina dhaan post nalla varudhu:)

Vivhyd said...

haha prabhu's comment was awesome.. well nice one monu.. never mind others .. keep blogging lol!!

monu said...

well..nothing at all...i was just happy that i am now earning .....and filing tax returns...

blogging is way too addictive


@narayanan Venkitu

neengalum sondha experience la sollareengala??

thanks a lot for your encouragement

Chaos said...

I believe this gal here is talking abt how her "hobby" of blogging turned into an "infatuation".

No-one brings in "conscience" unless they are feeling guilty abt something and this lass seems to be guilty of letting a hobby dominate over self.

Just a view.. no need for anyone to start a debate over this.
Read 'n forget

monu said...

read anf forgot sanju!

Anonymous said...

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